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How to Midi assign faders Kenton Control Freak


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I want to use a kenton control freak studio to control my volume faders per channel. But when I am using one of the sixteen faders. The fadernumbers doesnt correspond with the channel number in Logic. It only moves the volume fader on the selected strip. But it does show the right fadernumber in the midi screen. (see example).


Can someone advice me on how to let each channel correspond to the channelnumber on the kenton?




//the controller is hooked up to a miditerminal (esi 4x4 midi interface).

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Are you using the free editor to configure everything up, that can be found here?




Because the KCFS is such a specialized bit of equipment you would probably be better off asking for help from Kenton, unless someone else here, happens to use the same equipment and has a profile already done..

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