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Deleted the Male Creamy Lead Vocal.cst by mistake!


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Like an idiot, I deleted the channel strip setting Male Creamy Lead Vocal.cst by mistake. Could someone send it to me? It in: Macintosh HD>Library>Application Support>Logic>Channel Strip Settings>Track>06 Voice>03 Male Voice


I would really appreciate the quick help from someone!



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What is it about Male Creamy Lead Vocal.cst?




Is it that bad?




As soon as someone tries it...they delete it.




But, it also has some magical mind erasing quality, where after you delete it......you want it back. :shock:




It should win the award for Most Deleted Channel Strip Setting.







I've never even tried it...because I know if I did...I would instantly delete it!












...and then, I would want it back!

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