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Dubstep Remix Work In Progress - Feedback Please!


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I'm currently working on a dubstep remix of "Video Games" by Lana del Ray. I'm pretty happy with it so far since it already sounds cleaner than my previous dubstep attempts, but still, it could use some work.


Any feedback would be appreciated but here are some specific things I'm seeking help on:


1. The kick at the drop seems to get lost against the wobble and sub bass. Any ideas on what to do there?


2. As with most dubstep, I'm trying to vary the LFO rates, but something about it sounds awkward. Maybe I should try to use the LFO from the AutoFilter rather than the ES2? Or just ditch the LFO variance altogether?


3. Any feedback regarding the snare, which I'm trying to perfect.


Thanks in advance for your two cents!



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