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Programming a multi instrument for nord lead 2x [SOLVED]

Chris Athens

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Does anyone knows how could I create and program a multi-instrument in logics 9 environment for my multi-timbral hardware so to be able to receive different sounds to different midi channels ?


The Nord website states that : Both the keyboard and rack versions of the Nord Lead 2X are 4-part multi timbral..

Source: http://www.clavia.se/main.asp?tm=Products&clpm=Nord_Lead_2X

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Also, you can have your MIDI interface's ports indicate what's connected to them in Logic's Library. For that you need to add a new device in Audio MIDI Setup, name it Nord Lead 2X and connect it to your MIDI interface's icon in Audio MIDI Setup.


Here's what I mean +see pics+ (done here with my Nord Micro Modular and a Fireface 400 as the MIDI interface).


Keep in mind that the track icon won't magically change and use the same image the device is using in AMS. :roll:





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