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Logic freezes on "checking MIDI drivers"


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Running Mac OS X V 10.7.1

Latest Version of Logic 9 (which was an upgrade from Logic Express)

Latest Version of Lion

Have latest Driver installed Apogee One compatible with Lion


Logic freezes on "checking midi drivers"


Have selected correct input and output on system preferences on Mac


Apogee works well with iTunes


Logic does eventually open but says


"Logic has detected a MIDI timeout, please restart your computer etc etc"


I can eventually go into Logic and change the Audio preferences but when I re launch Logic it does the same thing as though it hasn't worked.


Another warning is:

"Mac OS X Midi services not available"


Can anyone help me with this?


It's as though Logic is not recognising Apogee One, even though all the appropriate updates are there - even from Apogee.



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