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MIDI loop not same length after bounce/export?


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I am a rookie so i will try to be as clear as possible when explaining my question


1. I make an exact 8 bar midi loop

2. I export the midi loop as 8 bars using methods stated below

3. when i bring the audio loop in i just created they don't go the full 8 bars some loops are cuttoff early. they don't exactly lineup from bar 1-9 like midi.


it's driving me nuts



I have tried


bounce in place

export region

export all tracks as audio



What gives???

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The first thing I would check is the locators. Make sure the cycle is on and select the region you want to bounce. That way you know the length will be what you expect. You can right click on the Cycle button in the transport and check the Auto Locators to on so every region you select will automatically have the locators set.
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