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Toggle track automation key cmd vs. gui


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With more than one track selected there's a difference between using a key command or the gui to toggle automation mode.

- Gui: All selected tracks will change to the newly selected automation status.

- Key command: Only the current track will change status.


I guess this is because the key commant is described as "Toggle current track..."

There's no key command for "Toggle selected tracks..." I guess so the solution is to group tracks instead.


Or are there any other tricks available? I find groups rather unpractical at times.

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With more than one track selected


Do you mean more than one channel strip selected? Are you in the Mixer?


Yes, in the mixer. I often find I want to change status of a couple of tracks at once and they're not the same. That's why groups is unpractical. I use a MC Mix so I really prefer to use key commands rather than the GUI.

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