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Question on 32-Bit Audio Unit Bridge

Kevin Mathie

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Hi all,


Quick question. I'm trying to do some trouble shooting. For the past few days I've noticed the 32-Bit Audio Unit Bridge booting up with my sessions -- usually older sessions that were originally created in 32-bit. However all my plug-ins have been updated to 64-bit plug-ins -- i.e., EastWest's Play, Spectrasonic's Omnisphere and Stylus RMX, and Kontakt 4.


I've heard that some plug-ins (specifically Play 3 very early on) had some problems with instances re-opening as 32-bit even though they were originally initiated as 64-bit instances. Is there an easy way to determine which plugin(s) in a session is running under the 32-bit Bridge and which are running in 64-bit?


And is there an easy way to switch the errant instances back to 64-bit without recreating the instance again?




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Pretty sure that if you originally opened up something as a 32 bit plug it will continue to open that way until you actually change it to 64 bit. I can't be 100% sure of this though.


The best way to check would just to open up all the plugins and see which ones open up with the 32 bit bridge.

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