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Considering an upgrade to Logic Studio.


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Hey guys!


I bought Logic Express this summer, as my sig says, and recently I've been, well, outgrowing it. I need more plugins, and better ones. I need mastering EQs and limiters. I've been downloading free plugs from here and there. I use Voxengo's Marvel GEQ often nowadays, and Audio Damage's RoughRider.


Also, I've been thinking of buying (1) a good reverb plugin and (2) a good drums plugin(maybe BFD Eco).


So I was wondering, is it worthwhile upgrading to Logic Studio?

Is Space Designer better than what I can buy otherwise? And are the Linear Phase EQ, Multiband Compressor and Adaptive Limiter really exceptional? Or should I consider buying third-party?


If I've missed on something very obvious, please let me know. I'm a newb :)

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