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Wave vs Mp3 outcome...

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I just noticed this tonight while using the Adaptive limiter on my track.


When bouncing my final mix as a WAVE with the adaptive limiter on an out ceiling set to -0.3db, then reloading it in Logic, the levels on the mixer (with the fader set to 0db) the levels stay at -0.3db through out the whole song.


That makes sense to me.


Here's what doesn't:


When doing the SAME thing but bouncing to mp3 and reloading it back into logic as a mp3, it goes up to 0.0db and I see red on my interface. Clearly going over.


What is happening to the file as a Mp3 that would be making it go from -0.3db to 0.0db ?


This doesn't happen as a 24 bit wave file.



Perhaps someone has an answer.


Ofcourse in addition to this, when loading an mp3 of a commercial recording the levels are in the red aswell on my interface. We all know about the loudness war, but if the out ceiling is set to -0.3db, then why are the levels breaking past it?!

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Inter-sample peaks.




You can use the free SSL X-ISM plug-in to detect them.



The easy solution is to not limit so hard and not to clip (intentionally) during mastering. And lower your level to an output ceiling of -0.3 dBFS. That'll take care of all or most inter-sample peaks.


However, inter-sample peaks can in theory exceed 0 dBFS by much more.

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Thanks lagerfeldt,


I had a feeling that's what it was after researching myself.



I have/had the ceiling at -0.3db always. Perhaps I was pushing the gain too much.


They say you can push it up as much as you want before any distortion starts taking place along with lack of dynamics. But in reality, I wonder how much is too much?


I've heard 3-4+db increase should be enough. But then again it all depends on the song.

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