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Keyswitching & Random/Round Robin in KONTAKT problems

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Hey All.


So, I've started getting my hands dirty in Kontakt 5, and I'm programming some of my first sample instruments. One of my biggest problems with the EXS was it was a bit convoluted if you wanted to program round robin/random sample playback.


So, in Kontakt, I've figured out how to make a percussion instrument with 4 groups, that will randomly play back samples from each group (So it looks like this in the group editor)


(Group 1) (Group 2) (Group3) (Group 4)


And I've figured out how to enable certain groups via keyswitching by having duplicates so it looks like this.


(Group 1) (Group 2) (Group3) (Group 4) <---Keyswitch 1

(Group 5) (Group 6) (Group7) (Group 8) <---Keyswitch 2


My issue is that when I have the above configuration, no matter what keyswich I'm using, it cycles through all 8 groups, as apposed to groups 1-4 for KS1, and 2-8 for KS2.


Any idea how to tell Kontakt what groups each KS should be randomizing?



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That's a bother.

I know you can have multiple RRs in Battery. You just need to assign them the properly. Seems like it would be easy for Kontakt to implement some kind of round robin assignments.


I'm sure I've used libraries that have multiple RR/Random playbacks, but perhaps they're using some fancy scripting (something I'm not too keen on jumping into... I tried my hand at Action Script... not for me)



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Yes, it's possible to create round robin scripts, I've seen a few. But you have to be willing to get your brain around it. Time consuming stuff! But try my suggestion of creating another Kontakt instrument within the multi. That should work fine.
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