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Several tracks on a cd...overall levels

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Bouncing is still my main problem in Logic pro. Somehow I don't hear the same sound when I am working in a project... and then, afterwards, in the bounced wav. file.


Being a former Sonar user I have another question. When you have several projects, how can you keep control of the overall volume? In Sonar I didn't have the luxury of bouncing, so all went through a mixer and then to a digital recorder. The mixer levels were my overall volume control and it worked for me.


I tried to do the same in Logic, checking the output levels of every song... but at the end, when you burn them into a single CD, there are some mixes too loud than the rest.


Any help in this area is appreciated...



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The wave burner is great! Thanks for the tip.


However I didn`t want to add any compression because the songs already had it. The only thing I added in the preferences was the time in between tracks.


Many features in the program. I have to go back and check them.


thanks again..


(Q. is there anything else the program does for you "by itself"? I know you can choose many options, but I am wondering if it does something extra just by itself)



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