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iCloud storage for Logic Pro?

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Hey everyone,


I've been wanting to store my Logic project folders in the cloud for a while now, in case of a house fire getting my MacBook Pro and external back-up drive.


iDisk has been too unreliable, and I don't want to pay $120 a year for Dropbox. Apparently the iCloud storage is meant to be a lot better, and on the iCloud page of the Apple website it says you can get 25GB of storage for $42/year.


I was wondering, would you be able to use iCloud storage for Logic Pro project folders?


Thanks :)

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From what i was told by Apple Support, Logic will need to be upgraded so it is 'iCloud aware' and if I understood correctly, this may be unlikely to happen because of the possible file sizes involved and because 'Documents on the iCloud' do not count against your storage limit at this time.


i.e. Pages uses iCloud and whatever docs created by Pages, that are stored on the iCloud servers, do not count towards your default 5 GB storage.


At this time I would take all this with a large pinch of salt because who knows what Apple's plans for Logic are.... but certainly at this time, Logic is not 'iCloud Aware'.

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I keep a "cloud" copy of my current workflow (and some projects I don't ever want to lose) through Gobbler. I mention this in case you were looking for a current cloud solution which is completely Logic friendly. It's actually made specifically for musicians to keep cloud copies. It's also very fast.


The first 25GB of storage are free right now, but will cost $8 if you sign up later (they cover this in their FAQ if you're curious).


*also, I should note that I DO NOT work for gobbler, nor do I have any connection to them outside of using their services... so this isn't a commercial or anything for them. I do, however, really dig their ethos and product.


Here's a quick video on how it works -




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