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Effected areas in the arrange

Dj Retouch

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Hi, this is abit of an emergency...I am currently mixing down 4 tracks with an engineer friend of mine and we've hit a problem neither of us know how to remedy!


The problem is with all audio files in the arrange that i have a delay or 3rd party time stretch plugin (effectrix) on...If the delay or timestretch is supposed to carry for three of four bars, it will stop dead at two bars... then be silent for a bar...then pick back up where it left off and finish! we're unsure as to whether it is an issue with some sort of overloading or as i suspect it is an issue with effectrix which appears to be very glitchy on my macbook (Late 2007).


Hope that makes sense to someone!


Any response would be appreciated..i am supposed to be handing these tracks to someone tomorrow night!




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