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Logic 9 and TC Konnekt 48 - hearing double signals!

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Hi all,


Here's what I'm attempting to do:


I want to record my vocals with effects inserted on the input channel, and hear only the effected signal. Nothing weird about that, with my old MOTU card, I would simply enable software monitoring and be on my way.


The TC Konnekt 48 card has it's own way of doing things though:


No matter how I do it, I'm hearing both the clean signal and the sound of the signal going through the plugin. And this becomes very evident when I'm trying to sing through Autotune for instance - as I'm hearing both the corrected and uncorrected vocals at the same time. Not pretty.


If I mute the corresponding channel (input 3 in this case) in the TC Near software's mixer page, I can stop the sound from being monitored through the card, but I can still record the signal. This is what I normally do to mics that I monitor through my desk, but in this case I do want to hear the audio through Logic. I'm not in front of my setup as I write this, but I even seem to remember a situation where the channel was muted/dialled down in TC Near and sw monitoring enabled in Logic, and I still got double, phasing signals...


So, so far what I've managed to acheive is double signals or no signal. I know the TC card is supposed to have some fancy no latency direct monitoring feature - and I realize hoe useful that can be - but there must be a simple way to just disable it. I just can't seem to find it. I'm guessing I should be messing with the routing settings in TC Near's setup page, but the layout in there isn't exactly self explanatory...


So please, are there any Konnekt 48 users out there who know how to solve this? Any help would be much appreciated. Client is expecting results tomorrow...





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