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Beer Moth

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Before I opened the Lounge I was looking at the names of the latest posts' posters, and the exactly the same english word popped into my head... Infestation. Appears to be a different sort of bot than the other one(?), who tries to "disguise" itself more using "Thanks for the helpful info! :) " sort of messages. This is just some crude grammarbot. It is quite prolific though, and it rapidly seems to create new accounts, too.

I also noticed that I have had to log in a few times today, whenever I had closed all open LPH pages. I assume that has to do with measures taken to combat this thing...

I could be mistaken, but this spambot activity seems to increase over the weekends...

I don't think people who do this deserve to die though... :twisted: ;) :lol:.

A lengthy jailsentence and no internet access FOR LIFE, plus the mandatory listening to radiocommercials 24/7 (implanted headphones) will do.

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