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Lists of Drum Sounds


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Is there a reference available for cross referencing drum sounds (by name) to the midi notes in the various drum "instruments" that ship w/ Logic Pro and/or JamPacks?


It's very tedious to comb through each instrument, playing each note in the scale to find the sound I want... there's gotta be a better way!

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Thanks David, that's helpful.


I decided to create a spreadsheet for my own reference.


Column A = Octave

column B = Note

Columns C-XX are the various drum kits


The cells are then filled in with my interpretation of whatever sound that note makes.


If anyone else thinks this would be useful, let me know and I'll share it... actually would be nice if I could get other people's input on what some of those sounds really are!



So far I've done the Studio Brush Kit, Studio Toolkit, Warehouse kit, and Jam Pack World Music Latin Kit.




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