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record vs record toggle?


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Buzwah actually lists a 3rd, different, key command. Let's back up a bit:


1) Record

That key command activates both record and play.

• If Logic is stopped, "Record" will start the recording.

• If Logic is playing, "Record" will continue playing while going into record mode.

• If Logic is recording, "Record" doesn't do anything.

That key command is the safest for basic recording as it does not allow to stop a recording.



2) Record Toggle

That key command activates record only.

• If Logic is stopped, "Record Toggle" enables the record mode but does not start the recording.

• If Logic is playing, "Record Toggle" will continue playing while going into record mode.

• If Logic is recording, "Record Toggle" stops the recording but continues playing.

That key command is ideal for punching in and out rapidly, when using record and play to punch in and out would be too ackward.


3) Record/Record Toggle

A combination of "Record" and "Record Toggle". Think of it as a "Record Toggle" that enables both record and play when Logic is stopped, so you can use it to start a recording.

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I used to plug a foot-switch into my Motu 828 Hybrid MK3 and once pressed it would go into record mode and then when I pressed it a 2nd time it would stop and jump to beginning. With that said, I now have an Apollo X6 and since it doesn't have a foot-switch jack I am trying to use one on the back of my Behringer XTouch.


How could I set it up to Record and then Stop as described above?

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Sounds like you need to modify the foot switch behavior.

option-shift-K opens the Controller Assignments window.

Select "Control Surface: Mackie Control" in the left column.

Choose "User Switch B" and use the right column to set the command that you want. I don't know which one causes the behavior that you want...


- Global Commands

Record 5⃣

Record/Record Repeat

Record Repeat

Record Toggle

Record/Record Toggle *

Capture as Recording ⇧R

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