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flex audio question


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Hi there,


I've been trying to find this on the forum, forgive me if it's already been posted once.

I'm new to flex audio. I have a session with a bunch of midi, tempo 68, and want to add an audio file that has an original tempo of 60. So what I did is (this might be the stupid way, i don't know) is imported the audio file, changed the tempo of the session to 60 for a second, view flex audio polyphonic, change tempo to 68, and then my audio file plays along nicely with my sequence. Now I have 2 questions:

- if I add several tempo changes, whether I add those in flex mode or not, the audio file seems to follow them in flex mode. I have to go out of flex mode at times to listen to the original file, because at some points the original loop might sounds better (sounds strange I know, but it's a very unusual loop). So I want to understand how Logic knows the original tempo of the audiofile. Because it seems to be that if I go in and out of flex mode and I make tempo changes while not in flex mode too, the audio file keeps following them. But then again I'm not quite sure if this is really the case, the thing I don't want, is when I go out of flex mode, Logic thinks the original tempo is something else and it will screw everything up.


- also, this seems to work when I import and audio file in a project that has a single tempo. Now I have a sequence that already has several tempo changes in it (midi tracks), and I want to add the audio file and have it follow the tempo changes. The way I'm doing it doesn't work. Is there a way of doing this? I tried the follow tempo option, but that doesn't seem to work, the audio plays slower than the click and doesn't seem to pay attention to tempo changes.


Hope this all makes sense, thanks


LG 9.1.5

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