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Metric Halo 2882 Issue

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Looks like I already know the answer but hoping someone might be able to help.


My conversation with metric halo support explains everything. The New Zealand dollar doesnt go far in Australia I'm extremely poor and really dont want to have to send it there.


I tried the 2882 on a imac with the same problem



I have a 2882 2d and a 2008 macbook pro. All of a sudden I can not see the 2882 in the mio or in system pref.


There is no information under box info which makes me think it is a firewire issue. The firewire under status on the box is not glowing (can't remember if it did before). Strangely, if I disconnect the power to the 2882 it keeps running which I'm guessing has to be thru the firewire. Since I have had the 2882 every time I have shut down I have lost my last template (not an issue a setting I have not ticked) now when I dial up a template in the monitor control it does read my 2882 plus serial number but says its offline.


I have tried different cables which worked fine a week ago but unfortunately have no other firewire interfaces to check with is there a way of checking without? I am running 0S 10.7.1 with mio 5.4.02.....


Will trashing the mio then reinstalling help? Is trashing enough or is there an uninstall program?

Maybe not installing the presets help?



Any help would be greatly appreciated I live in New Zealand so sending it away to be fixed would be differ cult/expensive


Dear Mike,


Thanks for your email.


If you power the unit on and then connect to the computer, and the firewire light on the front panel does not light up, you should first try a different firewire cable as well as a different firewire port on the Mobile I/O.


If the firewire status light on the front panel fails to light up at this point, it unfortunately would indicate that the phy on your MIO has been blown.


If you are in New Zealand, you might wish to contact Audio Chocolate about coordinating repair service:


Audio Chocolate

Level 3

301/ 7 Yarra Street

South Yarra, Victoria, 3141

Australia phone + 61 3 9813 5877

fax + 61 3 9813 1822


Sales: sales@audiochocolate.com.au


The main causes of a blown phy are bad cables (particularly bad firewire cables), and especially bad electrical grounding where a voltage differential between the connected gear draws a spike of current into the unit. Chaining bus powered devices to the MIO has also been sometimes known to create these conditions.


A way to protect your computer's motherboard against the potential damage this can cause would be to place a firewire hub between the MIO and the computer. This way if it were to occur again, the less expensive hub would be destroyed, but the motherboard would be protected.


The hub will help to protect your motherboard on your computer to avoid a more costly repair. Unfortunately there is no sure way to protect against a blown phy on the MIO. However, if you power everything down, connect the hub to the computer, and then connect the MIO to the hub and power back up, if it does not blow up the first time, you can be confident that it will never be a problem if you continue to use the same power source and cables, and always keep the hub plugged into the computer.


There are two more things you can do to lessen the chances of a blown phy:


-Use grounded plug adapters on all of the ungrounded electrical devices in your system

-Plug all of your equipment into one grounded power strip/source.


I hope this is helpful.




Best regards,


Jon Stern

Metric Halo Support

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