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How do i install Lounge Lizard into main stage? [SOLVED]


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Hello, hoping someone can help me understand a fundamental to installing plugins?


I looked into how to install all these plugins like (Kore Player, Korg M1 Le, Ez drummer Lite, and Guitar Rig) So far, I can use the stand alone applications, but I have no clue how to add them into Logic Pro or Mainstage. I tried the AU manager and rescanned after the installation of all the apps, but it still doesn't recognize it.


My main question is.. How do I install Lounge Lizard Session into Logic Pro / Mainstage? I can't figure it out at all and that's the one I'm most interested in.


Really need help please. I'm new at this stuff. Cheers



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Thanks for your reply...


at their website on their specifications page http://www.applied-acoustics.com/loungelizardsession/specifications/


VST, Audio Unit, RTAS (Pro Tools 7.0 or later) plug-in hosts

Mac OS X-compatible audio interface


However, I can't seem to find the Audio Unit to install into Mainstage / Logic Pro


The installer doesn't seem to offer this.


17" 2009 Macbook pro 3.06 ghz core 2 duo 500gb 7400 rpm 8gb ram

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It's not showing at all under any instruments... I click on AU instruments, and the only thing that's showing is my other two plug ins from Kontakt and NLogPoly


I uninstalled and reinstalled the lounge lizard session app and have restarted logic as well and still can't find it.

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To everyone who reads this,


It's been fixed. What I ended up doing, was starting Mainstage in 32 bit mode and THEN my audio unit manager recognized all the 32bit plugins.


When I restarted Main Stage into 64x mode, the audio unit manager continued to recognize the plugins and so far, there's been no problem.


I had incorrectly assumed that the built in 32bit bridge built into Logic/Mainstage would take care of seeing a 32bit plugin within a 64bit engine for the first time.


Thanks everyone.

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