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problem while recording sound keep going in and out.


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I a having a problem while recording logic's sound keeps going in and out. It cuts off entirely in the middle of a session about 5 minutes into recording and then the sound comes back on about 10 seconds later. What's going on with this!


why does this happen.

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Logic is the only application running

i/0 buffer was 512 but then I moved it to 1024 to test and it didn't change anything.

It's not the hd have over 600 gig's I am recording directly to the internal drive. It's very strange this happen to me the other day while in a session I was recording and then all the audio just cut off, then 8 seconds later it came back in. It's as if I changed my i/0 buffer size notice when you do that no audio takes place, this is basically what it sounds like but it could be something else.


processing threads automaic

process buffer range i bumped up to larege

rewire behavior live

max scrub normal

srub resposne normal


not sure what it is!






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There's very rarely a need for a buffer size above 256, so keep it there or below if you want lower latency. A buffer problem usually manifests itself as a very short dropout or crackle, not an 8 second long problem.


Consider recording to an external FW hard disk and not your internal hard disk.


Try setting Processing Threads to match the amount of real cores your computer has. Though I doubt that's related to your problem it can help on the general stability of Logic Pro.


I dont think any of the other settings you mention are related either.

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