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Going crazy trying to assign controllers to plug-ins.


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I've spent half the day on this and I'm convinced that I have a big bug. I have a Novation Remote SL with Automap (WHAT A MISTAKE!!!!). I've been trying to get software instruments and effects to respond to cc changes. It's been on and off, but at this point, there is no more response.


As I troubleshoot, what it seems to come down to is that the MIDI messages reach Logic, but somehow don't get passed on to the instrument or effect. As I go in Learn Mode in Logic, the controller changes do get picked up on the controller assign page, but as I said, it seems that the MIDI messages don't get any further than this. Twist know, hit buttons and nothing happens!


Another thing I tried, with Native Instrument's software, you can right-click most button in the instruments or effects and do "MIDI Learn". Well sure enough, in MIDI learn mode, I twist any knob on the controller and nothing happens in the software.


I also tried using another control surface (APC-20) with cmd-L and MIDI learn and, same results - i.e. messages don't reach the plug-in.


Same for Logic's own plug-ins and third party.


As I said, it worked a few times today, than stopped working.




Logic Pro 9.1.5

Macbook Pro 17" OS 10.6.8

Native Instruments Komplete 7

MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid

Novation Remote SL


Nord Stage ex 88 (at least this one ALWAYS works!)

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Hey Noelb,

If you don't like Novation's Automap, (I never did) then completely uninstall it leaving only the USB MIDI driver. If you haven't already, download and install the RemoteSL Editor app. Create your own MIDI control template presets in that app.


Now you can can use Logic's Learn modes, or assign MIDI cc's as mod sources, etc., without having to deal with the vagaries of Automap combined with Logic's controller assignments which can lead to a real mess.


My take on Automap is that, (if you can get it working properly and consistently) it's fine if you're not a keyboard player and you want DAW control. But if you are a keyboard player and you want "performance" control, then it's better to ditch Automap and just let the SL be a dumb MIDI controller which it's actually quite good at.

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Apparently the Remote SL is SHOCKING with logic


The new SL MKII is great though. I have it with Automap Pro 3.5 and it maps fine.

No problems. Maps with all Instruments and FX


But if your having problems with other controllers....who knows.

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