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Windows VST/Logic question

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Hi guys,


I was wondering, is it possible to incorporate windows vsts into your logic productions?


I produce EDM, and would like to be able to use dblue glitch for example. There seems to be no way of using that in logic.


If you had windows parallels running, would it be possible to run your Logic output into a DAW in parallels, running that signal through the vst and then having the output of that running back into logic? (something like rewire)


I'm sure there are latency issues here (if it's possible), but I cannot imagine that it would be a huge problem given that there will be no live recording, just midi/loops. Once done once, it could always just be bounced, and the audio file could be used instead of constantly switching between daws.


Thanks for your help

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No....not just using a Mac alone.


Windows VSTs only run on Windows PC Computers.


However you can , if you have a spare PC, run them on that PC and then use something like Vienna Ensemble Pro to sync up with Logic




Please note that programs such as FXexpansion's VST - AU adaptor only 'adapt' Mac VST's to AU's and not Windows VST's... and as nowadays most Mac VST's are already available as AUs then I feel these kinds of adaptors have limited use.


The VEPro on the other hand.. is a quite superb, if seemingly expensive, means of using Windows VST's within Logic... but when you look at what else it can do.. the price is actually quite reasonable.


The Windows Parallels solution is a non starter due to terrible and varying latency and system demands/loads.. trying to run two DAWs at the same time...and even running it separately doesn't work too well as most DAWs will not run within Parallels (Or any other emu for that matter) I have found. You could of course, export an Audio file and then Bootcamp and process the Audio file in Windows... export as audio once more and then import back into Logic.. Long way around but would work.

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