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Best way to set up MMS Mac Mini Server LP9 & PT9

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I have been following the MMS threads recently and have decided to go that route. The main consideration is that whilst I am new to Logic Pro 9, I have a need to use Pro Tools 9, (just upgraded to PT10) and was wondering,


1. What is the best way to set-up the MMS... two partitions on one disc say 250gb each; one for logic and one for PT.


2. Will the server allow me the opportunity to boot up into either disc partition depending on which DAW I will be using? Is different user for each a viable partition worth considering.


3. Will there be any considerations for using the second internal drive for both DAW's during production sessions and working files. Will these affect system speed ? (I intend to use external drives for backup of either LP or PT sessions separately)


Thanks in advance, looking forward to getting on board the LP9 experience. :D

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Thanks Triplets,


Forget partitions.

PT10 is Lion compatible so there should be no problem...


So if I am reading you correctly, both DAW's will live side by side on the same drive... playing happily I hope !... that's why there is no need to partition.


There's enough threads on this forum that talk about Lion and Logic.


What about Lion/Logic/PT? I have been searching but haven't found any! any links would be appreciated.

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