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No gridlines on piano roll anymore


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I've just updated to Lion and now I have no gridlines on the piano roll - is this a known bug or do I need to change a setting?


Also I just updated to adobe reader 10.1.1 because nothing would open without it, but now the logic manual has no search box.


Whenever I close logic i have to force quit too - sure it has to be Lion but not sure how to fix it!


I'm running Mac OS X 10.7.2, 2.8 Ghz quad-core Intel Xeon with 16GB 1066 Mhz DDR3 and Logic 8.

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Did that - it says that's a fix for logic 9 - I have 8?


Also teashed both the prokit and one marked prokit(old) and now when I try to open the dmg file it tells me a newer verion is already installed, so now I'm stuck with no prokit at all

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I called support and the very rude and insensitive man told me that even though I've been using logic pro 8 with lion for 3 weeks they refuse to offer any support as its not compatible - and I cannot upgrade unless I can launch logic, which I now cannot do.


I'm pretty unhappy with this as before I could use it even if it wouldn't quit properly, but now I'm left with nothing!


I can't even go back to snow leopard to do the upgrade because when I put the CD in, it tells me this version of installer isn't compatible with lion - HELP!!!

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Ok.. yes that is a fix for Logic 9. I missed the fact you have 8.. so my fault and I apologize. However, it is also your fault initially for upgrading to Lion without making sure that your software is fully compatible with Lion... and as you now know, Logic 8 isn't...


How to fix this?


If you didn't empty the trash the original ProKit should still be in there so delete the new one and replace with the old one.


and I cannot upgrade unless I can launch logic,


That is not true as far as I am aware... unless you do not know your Logic 8 Serial number and have lost the original manuals? If you have your original L8 serial then all you need to do is buy the L9 upgrade.. install that and it will ask you for your L8 serial followed by your here L9 upgrade serial numbers and you are set to go.


I can't even go back to snow leopard to do the upgrade


I take it you never made any backups? If you did, then you can restore from those backups... If not, then you could simply start again from scratch and boot from your SL install disk, reformat your HD and install SL fresh.... but, make sure you make copies of all important personal data like documents, music projects and so on.. before you do so.. so you can restore those after you have installed SL.


I called support and the very rude and insensitive man told me....


I guess I am also going to have to be 'rude and insensitive' and give you a quick reality check...


It is always YOUR responsibility to ensure beforehand, you know and have researched the possible consequences of any actions you are taking. In your case it was knowing that L8 doesn't work with Lion.. The ProKit fix is for L9 only.... You have made full backups before upgrading your OS.... and so on... These are simple facts of life when dealing with computers... and while i know I am being very blunt... the truth is you got yourself into this situation... and so you have to take full responsibility for that and not blame those at Apple and elsewhere for trying to help you out of a very difficult situation you got yourself into..


Fingers crossed you will be able to sort this out and get back up and running soon!


Good luck!!

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Always clone your system drive before doing any updating. That way you can always go back to a known working version of your setup. Super Duper works great for this.


Absolutely... or Carbon Copy Cloner... Both work just fine for performing this worthwhile task prior to any changes you may wish to make to your system.

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It's at this point I'll have to be blunt in exchange -


Firstly I didn't upgrade to Lion, I got a new Mac which just came with Lion. When i migrated everything over Logic worked fine apart from the closing down issue, so I had no reason to think it wasn't compatible and you'll see when you read on why I didn't spend time researching this.


Secondly, yes, I have a backup, but it apparently isn't partitioned correctly and so I have to erase the entire drive in order to put snow leopard on it. I tried copying the old prokits from that drive on to the one with Lion on but that didn't work either.


Thirdly, I didn't put myself in this situation at all -


My previous mac was lost after rioters burned down my house and everything in it in August, and I've since been struggling to replace even basic things, so I can't easily afford to purchase the logic 9 upgrade, and I don't have my original Logic disk or serial for that same reason. The new mac was what the insurance company provided, and I wasn't given any replacement software or a choice of OS.


I explained this to the man on the Apple helpline and that was exactly why I considered him insensitive - he refused to offer any advice on how best to sort my issue out and simply told me that Logic 8 isn't compatible with Lion and therefore Apple wouldn't help - even after I begged him to just tell me which prokit I needed for Logic 8 and forget I'd said anything about Lion (and trust me I really did beg).


In anyone's terms this isn't great customer service, and although I'm not an idiot by any means, I haven't been able to go through and check whether every single piece of software I had is compatible. The whole purpose of trying to fix it so quickly is that I'm making a charity single to raise money for others affected as I have been, and although I was using Logic fine before this, I'm now missing a deadline of tomorrow morning.


I asked for advice here because I thought it was a help forum, so I could have done without a lecture about how it's my fault. Not everyone who posts here is a hardened logic user and I think that's worth bearing in mind when giving advice too - I know people who use this software daily and don't understand the nitty gritty of partitioning drives or changing their OS, and why on earth should they? If we all did forums like this would be redundant.


Thanks anyway, I guess it's just bad luck for me.

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Ok.. Thank you for being blunt.. as i prefer that approach always..


So, a couple of things you need to be aware of...


Firstly, most new Macs cannot be downgraded to Snow Leopard easily because they contain new hardware and technologies that are not supported (officially) by Snow Leopard. So.. trying to downgrade is probably not a good move as you will more than likely have more issues in doing so that simply upgrading Logic to L9 to use it with Lion.


Secondly, sorry to hear how this all came about but... I can understand Apple's stance on this. It is your responsibility to keep all serial numbers safe and secure so you can access them later if anything happens to the original disks and manuals. For all Apple, or anyone else knows.. you could be spinning a line and trying to get a free copy of L9 though I am sure you could prove your situation and you might want to do so by writing to Apple including police reports and insurance statements indicating how you lost everything and then, maybe they will help you out but of course, they are under no obligation to do so... but hopefully they will do so under your specific circumstances.


So.. having said all that... If you would like to PM me an email address to contact you directly on, I will do what I can to help you out myself as a temporary measure until you get things sorted out correctly with Apple.



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Well I did have several copies of my serial written down of course, but like I said, they are now all gone. I do have it installed on my laptop which I took when I escaped the fire, so the serial is there but I'm worried about not having the original CD and Apple wanted to charge me for a replacement. It's not possible to make backup copies of the CD so I can't take the blame for that.


I'm just surprised that Apple have been the only company who weren't even willing to assist me, when companies like Avid offered to allow me to download my LASS library and burn it to disc as they know I have bought it from them and it's all above board.


I was the most careful person around with backing everything up etc, but sometimes it just isn't enough - until it happens you don't realise what you lose.


Apple should be sympathetic to the needs of customers, not everyone is able to keep backups of all kinds, there could be any number of reasons why things get lost genuinely, including disability or memory problems. All I was asking was for the guy on the phone to listen to what I was telling him about the issue and at least apologise that he couldn't help. There's never any excuse for rudeness... if they're so big on making life easier they should try harder.


I'm not trying to downgrade the drive with Lion on it (actually that was what that apple guy told me to do) - I'm trying to now upgrade the old hard drive (which survived the fire) from Leopard to snow leopard, without erasing everything, and it's this which is now the issue.


When I try to do this, it tells me the drive is GUID and I need to re-partition, but the instructions that come up don't work as all the options it wants me to select are greyed out.


So some questions:


If I did buy the logic upgrade, would I be able to go back to my Lion OS drive and upgrade without the original disc?


Is there something I'm missing with the partitioning, or is wiping everything and starting again the only way?


I'm going for the paths of least resistance, having spent 2.5 months with absolutely nothing to work with and now having this new mac which seems to have made more problems than it solved!

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Well I did have several copies of my serial written down of course, but like I said, they are now all gone. I do have it installed on my laptop which I took when I escaped the fire, so the serial is there


Well, the good news about that is that you do still have the serial number. Just go to your laptop, start Logic and go to the main Logic menu and select About Logic. Your serial number will be there for you to write down use (and give to Apple if needed) because Apple allows you to use the same serial number on one Laptop and one Desktop at the same time.


but I'm worried about not having the original CD and Apple wanted to charge me for a replacement. It's not possible to make backup copies of the CD so I can't take the blame for that.


It is very easy to make backups of your Logic disk. The disk utility that comes with every Mac allows you to do so and in fact I highly recommend everyone does that and makes backup images (DMGs) in case the originals get lost or damaged.


But to answer your question... You can find copies of the original L8 disks on the internet if you use google and search so that would help you a great deal.. and as you have the serial number. I don't think you are doing anything illegal in downloading them and using your serial number to install from. The problem is.. I don't see the point of doing so given your situation.


I'm not trying to downgrade the drive with Lion on it (actually that was what that apple guy told me to do) - I'm trying to now upgrade the old hard drive (which survived the fire) from Leopard to snow leopard, without erasing everything, and it's this which is now the issue.


That is probably not a good thing to do as I don't see where it will get you. Remember, your new Mac cannot run Snow Leopard so I don't see the point unless i am missing something?. If you are just trying to get some data off that drive you can just copy it off to your new Mac. I'm assuming it is an external drive yes? You cannot just copy Logic from your old drive to your new one because Logic needs to be installed and it's not just a matter of copying over the Logic app. That plus the fact that Logic 8 won't work anyhow on your new Mac.


So.. to me your best/only option is to upgrade to L9 though i understand you cannot afford it at this time but i don't see any other choice for you given the fact you are now using a Mac with Lion... that you cannot downgrade to SL... so you have to use Logic 9 which means you will have to buy the upgrade package and use your L8 serial to install it on your new Mac. Remember, you don't have to install Logic 8 first to use the upgrade version of Logic 9. You just need the Logic 8 serial which the Logic 9 installer will ask for.


One last tip for future reference...


First, make a full clone backup of your Lion drive so you can restore if needed in the future. I use Carbon Copy Cloner (a free App) to create these clone images)


Two, backup any and all important software and Logic Projects including images of any DVDs and CDs to an external drive and store that 'Off Site' so you can retrieve it all if your Mac is lost/stolen/damaged.


Three. Keep any serial numbers for said software "Off Site" too... for the same reasons..


I store all mine at a friends house for safe keeping... Should anything happen, I can quickly grab the backup drive (In my case a 2TB USB2 drive that cost me $79..) and retrieve everything and anything I need.


Peace of mind always!


Hope some of this helps...

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I have the serial written down already which is something. I tried to copy the disk but I could never make it work - i assumed for copyright reasons?


Anyway - about snow leopard - my old hard drive (not an external one, it's inside the new mac with the new drive that came with the mac) only has leopard, so I wanted to upgrade that one as it's now going to be the startup disk I use permanently, not the Lion one. Its this old drive (by old I mean less than a year, but an old OS as I cloned it from another one) that I wanted to upgrade to snow leopard.


My lion drive is just a clone of the leopard one basically - i migrated all my applications etc as I'm familiar with how they work and I've cloned drives many times. I don't want to use Lion as currently it seems loads of my applications aren't compatible, so I'm just going to use the other drive which I know does work with them.


I could just carry on with leopard, but ideally, as I have a brand new copy of snow leopard, I'd upgrade it. That's where the partition thing comes in.


I don't have anywhere reliable to store things like backups physically as I make so much audio it just isn't feasible, so I rely on uploading all my music to dropbox, I would imagine many people are in that position.


Also I do have no less than 3 1TB drives to hand and yet it still seems impossible to actually install an OS without it either being very complex or with things going wrong. In fact now I've switched to booting from my old drive, I can't shut the mac down without holding down the button either... it seems that if you're going from powerpc to intel there are a lot of problems in migrating no matter what you do.


I can survive using leopard and having to hold the power button to shut down, but it seems a waste of £2000 of my insurance spent on replacing my mac!

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I think you are still not understanding a fundamental point..


You cannot run Snow Leopard on your Mac without a possible number of issues because the newest Macs have hardware in them that is not currently supported within Snow Leopard. This simple fact is one, I believe you are overlooking for whatever reason.... It's not a case of getting your old drive upgraded to SL because that isn't going to help you at all.


Your Lion drive is NOT a clone of your Leopard one. It is Lion drive with the apps and personal data from your Leopard disk, installed on it. This is NOT the same thing as what you seem to believe it to be. I repeat, It is NOT a clone.


Again, Leopard and Snow Leopard do NOT have the various drivers and other related software that your new Mac needs to work correctly. Only Lion has those drivers and software.


You need to accept you have a Lion based computer and upgrade your software to match rather than what you are trying to do.


Now, I do know of people who, after a great deal of messing around, have got the newer Macs to run Snow Leopard (Though not Leopard as far as i am aware..but I am sure someone, somewhere will have done it) but the reality is... it's often not perfect and some of them have found further issues later, because they did this.


Again, I'm just trying to save you a whole lot of hassle down the road...


It's like you are trying to force a round peg into a square hole... instead of getting a square peg that will fit perfectly. I get why.. because of financial issues but what you are trying to do...isn't going to help you in the short or long term.


As for the complexity of installing a backup of your OS.. CCC makes it so simple, even I can do it!


Ok... I think I have offered you all the advice I can.. It's your choice as always, to take it or leave it...


If anyone else wants to chime in, then please free to do so....


Good luck in getting this sorted out, by whatever route you take..



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Did this topic ever get resolved as I I am having the same issue with Lion 10.7.3 and Logic 9.1.6.


Logic wasn't showing grid lines in the piano roll editor so I did the steps mentioned in the second post of this thread - http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3968?viewlocale=en_GB - but when i went to install pro kit 7 I get an error saying ' a newer version of this software already exists ' so I can't install it.


And now to make matters worse Logic won't launch and I get an error message saying 'Logic Pro cannot be opened because of a problem, Check with the developer to make sure Logic Pro works with this version of Mac OS X. You made need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and Mac OS X'


There are no updates available, I've tried reinstalling Logic from scratch and no cigar, this has got me stumped.


System is -


Early 2008 2x 2.8 Quad-Core intel Xeon

18 GB Ram

OSX Lion 10.7.3

Logic Pro 9.1.6

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Quick update, just reinstalled the combo 10.7.3 update and Logic starts to launch but then a very weird colour box appeared stating that Logic wouldn't run with no Pro Kit installed so I quit and tried to installed Pro Kit 7.0 and got the message again that I have a newer version already installed !



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Right managed to get Logic by copying the ProKit .framework off the Mac Book Pro downstairs, but i still have the same problem, in Piano Roll there is no grid showing, funny the Mac Book Pro doesn't have the same problem and is running the same OS and the same version of Logic.....
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