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Logic 8 MPD32 and Midi In [SOLVED]


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Hi all,


Set up my new MPD32 the other day.


I had this working fine..


MIDI Keyboard >(to MIDI IN)>MPD32>(USB)>Logic Pro


Can play MPD and Keyboard and both getting picked up in Logic. ACE. But with only two USB's on my Macbook I really miss the mouse, so...


MIDI KEyboard >(to MIDI IN)>MPD32>(to MIDI IN)>Audio Interface>(USB)>Logic Pro


And now the Keyboard isn't getting picked up.


Appreciate I might be missing something pretty obvious. Any one ideas?? Pls!

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Managed to find the answer in the MPD manual (of all places! :D )...


USB Cable Not Connected:

Whatever you play on the MPD32 is sent to the MIDI OUT port.

Note: If you have another device connected to the MPD32's MIDI IN port, that device's MIDI information will be ignored.


So I'll probably have to use both the USB cable to transmit the connected keyboard AND the power cable to provide cable!

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