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Chill and enter the Alpha State....

Red Robin

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Third song in my player on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/redrobinmusic


Not mastered yet - Something which we'll have done professionally when the album is finished.


Steve is a very experienced keyboard player with his own private recording studio and Lauren is a young singer I'm good friends with. And I play Native American woodwind flutes. We meet up every week in Steve's studio.


This song is the result of simply switching everything on and improvising, just the three of us and with my booth door open so we could all see each other. One take for each of us and just a minor amount of editing afterwards. We added the strings (sample library) and Tibetan chime (real) later but that's it.


Steve was brought up as a classical pianist and has over 40 years experience playing everywhere. Lauren recently left university where she studied music here in the UK. I've been playing 10 years and can't read music or ever repeat a song - I always improvise - To the point where I have come to believe that my flutes play themselves. If I think about what notes to play I'm instantly lost and can't even stand the metrognome or whatever it's called. We used an Apple loop for rhythm and saw no reason to change it.


Anyroadup, sit back, close your eyes and I hope you'll enjoy eight and a half minutes of chill.


Here's a pic I took of of Lauren because she's much prettier than we are:



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so you know, some of us don't respond to posts that look like blatant advertising. also, you asked us for nothing. So...


...."blatent advertising" ?


Nothing is being offered for sale at this time and there's no guarantee that it will be. But I guess that if you think it sounds professional I'll take it as a compliment.


My interpretation of this site's area called 'The Listening Booth' is that it's a place to share and listen to other member's efforts and offer feedback be it positive or negative about the music.

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please do not take offense to my previous post. it was not meant to be. But, most of us do not include large pictures that accompany our links to songs. There are plenty of posters on here who just leave one "buy my stuff" posts. It's all about what it "looks" like. I was not accusing you of actually advertising.


as for the listening booth, you are right it is. Most of us are looking for feed back and ask for it. You post did not, so listening to it and writing about critically and constructively is more difficult and, personally speaking, do not know if it is worth my time (will i be heard?).


however, listening to your stuff, your "improvisation" is awesome. Your music isn't based on structure, so it's harder to assess. Though, it reminds me of the opening credits to "One Flew..." which is never a bad thing.

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you know what, can i edit my comment? i hate it when someone speaks for "most" people. i don't know why i said, "most of us." my apologies. that is rude and presumptuous. honestly, i hate that i did that.

anyways, what i should have said is: in my experience, posts that come with pictures usually do not get a lot of responses. typically. jut from what i've seen in the past few months here. that's all.

sorry. i hate mincing my own words.

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Hi 'lotion' :)


Thanks for taking the trouble to explain yourself - Much appreciated. It's easy for all of us to misinterpret written words in forums and I am often guilty of not making my intended meanings clear. So, no hard feelings whatsoever.


I'm a retired graphic designer so I'm excessively hardwired into 'looks'. I'm also quite happy to be under a spotlight and strut my stuff, so I was showing off my photography and graphics as well as my music.


At the risk of sounding immodest, one talent I know I have is in being able to naturally improvise but my lack of knowledge about music theory and not reading sheet music saddles me with some big disadvantages.


I love "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" but will have to reacquaint myself with the music.

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