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Vocals do not pan when sent to bus aux strip!


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I've read other threads involving the same issue but it doesn't quite solve mine. I have all vocal tracks routed to a bus strip with a compressor and CLA Vocals on it. The compressor is mono and CLA is mono--->stereo.


I am willing to take off the compressor (since it is mono) and apply it individually to each track. However, after trying this I still was not able to pan. Logic would only turn down one side of the stereo, instead of hard panning the whole track.


I tried changing the bus to post pan but that didn't work either. I tried experimenting with mono and stereo bussing and outputs. The only way I was able to achieve panning was to remove the send.


What I would like to know is: Is there a way in which I can route all my vocals to one bus, and still be able to pan them individually?

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Back from holidays, time for posting ;)


I would take the following route:


Create a new project and track.

Put the same audio file on that track.

Do not insert any fx!!

- Can you pan that?

If not check if the file has a silent channel.


If yes,

create a bus > hold click it > select post pan.

do not insert any fx!!

Can you pan that?


I do not have any waves stuff, but the CLA has some stereo settings afaik so its worth checking and isolating.


Some additional questions:

- Is the file in your track a mono or stereo file?

- are all of the channels you route to the bus of the same format?

- is the receiving aux channel a stereo or mono channel?


Hope that helps.

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There are two possible ways I can think of to do this.


1. Route the output of all vocal tracks to a stereo bus. This will allow the panning info to show up at the bus since the signal from the channel is post pan.


2. Open a post-pan send on each vocal channel routed to a stereo bus. This should also allow the panned signal to show up at the bus.


If there are mono-stereo plugs inserted on the bus then there won't be any panned info received by the bus from those vocal channels. You need to use stereo-stereo plugs.


If you are talking about panning on the bus itself then you might want to try inserting the Direction Mixer plug on the bus as the last insert to get the desired pan result.


Hope this helps.



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