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Problems with Missing Drive and Error Messages


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Hi, there--


It is me again, bringing another problem to the collective doorstep. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


I have three internal drives in my Mac tower. In checking my backups--done every hour or so to an external drive--I can see that one of the drives called TERRABYTE stopped being backed up in mid Sept. It is not recognized by Disk Utility. I didn't notice this because the last time I saved anything to it or accessed it was 8/27, the day I saved the final mix of a song which I now need to access.


So I went into my backups and luckily, there was a backup from 8/27 which contained my project with the final automation moves. I went to bounce it to a WAV file, but it told me I had 'insufficient privileges.'


So I carftily saved the song to another drive, and it worked! However, now when I go to bounce it, I am getting the following error messages:


I/O error

result code = -36


When I hit OK, I see:


Fader update failed

Error -36



Weirdly, as I was going through this just now to demonstrate for you, after those messages it seems to be bouncing. IF I get all the way through without an error, I will be happy...

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