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Auditioning Loops... How To Monitor Properly?


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I am auditioning Loops in a song that is pretty far along (looking for tambourine).


Unfortunately when I click on a loop just to audition I hear it (and see it on meters) playing through a few tracks in my mixer window.


So, it comes through with me hearing it with all those effects (guitar amp simulators on those channels, delay, verb, etc...).


Very frustrating. Anyone have any idea how NOT to monitor those loops that way?


Thank you


By the way, I did a search and got a great many things but none pertaining to this particular issue.

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Try auditioning loops in a new clean project. I'm betting you won't be able to reproduce the issue (and the loops won't seem to go through other channels like yours do in the video example you posted..)


I think you have some weird routing going on in the project you demo'd that is causing your issue


If you find, using a clean project, you don't get the issue... post up a copy of the project where this does happen and hopefully someone can sort through it and spot the issue

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I was thinking that as well and yes, it is fine in another session.


Also, someone was working here recently and did something different with Universal Track Mode.


Starting to think it may have something to do with that being turned off and with various stereo plugs or something. Meaning, I think I've kept it in that mode (UTM turned off) and should have turned it back on. Don't even understand that mode much at all.


Going to create a new session and drag everything in cause just switching UTM mode on usually creates a mess.

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