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logic channel strip managing


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hi, sorry another basic question here so apologies in advance


I've recently downsized a giant cumbersome project which had multiple songs into seperate projects (one song per project). Before doing this i tried running in 64bit which did solve my low RAM crashes but became a massive headache when i fouhnd i had to manually adjust the timings on various 32bit plugins. After deconstructing the project into 5 seperate projects and loading back into 32bit i am still coming up against low RAM and crashes ("unexpected" ones), so for the time being I have been using 64bit logic and spending a lot of time fixing delay issues on material i should have finished with weeks ago.


Just now by chance I created a new software instrument track to find it fully occupied with kontakt and a bunch of plugins that are not part of the current song and which i thought had been deleted a while ago... but at least now i know where all the ram is going (and why a single track is still taking forever to load). So besides going track by track and selecting reset channel strip is there a better way of clearing unused instruments and plugins? And is there a way of easily identifying which tracks are used by the media on the current timeline or do you have to do this kind of thing yourself? I know logic is great for getting rid of unused audio files but what about hidden channel strips that are sapping all the RAM?


I have already taken the steps to identify which tracks/busses/aux channels are in use and labelled them a unique colour in the mixer window so i hope this is going to help but if there's any way of skipping this step i'd love to hear it


thanks in advance for any help (and any tips and tricks etc)



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Hi, I got my answer when i came upon this thread by chance;




thanks to ski for his excellent explanation;


You can go into the Environment and use the function Edit > Select Unused Instruments. It's extremely useful for exactly what you're talking about. However, you need to be aware of the following caveats:


• start by making sure nothing is selected in the environment before using the command (click on the background)


• don't take this function entirely for granted: it will select more than just unused instruments; it will also select any channel strips not assigned to tracks. Even if you do have various channel strip assigned to tracks, i.e., Output 1/2 ("Stereo Output" in L9) for the purpose of, say, viewing automation, unless you have a region on that track this function will assume that Out 1/2 is "unused" also and highlight it in the Environment. A quick way to remedy this is to use the pencil tool to insert a dummy region on that (and similar) tracks.


One way to avoid the pitfalls of "unused" is to move all of your instruments to a separate layer in the environment. Create one yourself if need be. Then perform the "selected unused" function just within that layer.


Once the appropriate objects (channels) are selected, you have several options!


1) delete them to get them out of your life (delete button)


2) don't delete them but rather, CMD-X cut them. Then CMD-V paste them into another layer (so you have a clear indication of which free instruments you already have)


3) clear all selected instruments of various settings and plugins (if any): change any one thing on one of the selected items (remove plugin, zero send, etc.) and all will follow suit

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