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Change Metronome Sound Logic 9


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I'm trying to change the sound of the metronome to a cowbell. Yes that's right,"we need more cowbell". Now that's out of the way... I saw on another forum to change to an UltraBeat. That's a little vague for this newbie. So I open Ultrabeat from the metronome channel in the mixer (right next to i/o icon). Now that it's open, how does a fellow use it to change the sound of the click and then save it for my default click sound? How will I select select the pitch of this sound as well? Help a dude out here.


Mac OSX 10.5.8, Logic 9, MacPro Quad Core 2x2.66 Ghz.Dual Core Intel Xeon, 9 GBs of RAM, Apogee Rosetta 800, True Systems P8

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