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Akai Mpk 49 midi latency, but no midi latency/w axiom 49`


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Just like the subject mentions. I recently bought a akai mpk 49, and I noticed when I press record, the midi delays when recording.


1. First I changed the sync settings to mpk 49 as a destination.

2. I use a mac book pro 2.3 with 8 gb ram and a external firewire audio interface

3. buffer is at 32

4.a I even used my core audio built in sound card and no difference.

4. new firmware was loaded on the unit mpk 49

5. I am not using power adapter along with the usb since im using other usb port on my apple monitor, but I dont assumed that is the problem based on below information:


Then I hook up the axiom 49 and bammmmm!,

1. timing is excellent

2 no midi delay

3. no issues what so ever

4. no power adapter hooked up along with the usb

5. Works great on my external firewire sound card or my core audio


Now based on this information, I know that akai makes great products. Im selling my axiom so its too late to keep the axiom and I have to stick with the mpk 49. I assume I have reach error with my technique of hooking up this mpk. What should I do? or what am I doing wrong.

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