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Key Commands Presets Disappearance [SOLVED]


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Hi tried this over at the other logic forum with no useful answers:




how about you guys!?:




Some of the presets for Logic Pro Key Comands no longer exist.


What is-a-goin'-awn!?


I used to use MacBook U.S... i think (or something relating to MacBook at least), but now in the Key Comand's presets scroll down list there is now no MacBook options atall, any ideas?


Thanks allot,



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ah right, cheers david. the shortcuts are completely different through. just a few examples that aren't the same as before, used to be:


zoom in / zoom out in arrange window and zoom in / out on waveforms:

cursor keys and cmd


merging regions:



ahh thats actually about all i can think of now, but i'm sure i was fretting at more changes at one stage.


do this shortcuts ring bells of another preset?



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You are correct, the key commands are different than they used to. Key commands change on a regular basis, especially with new major updates, since as new features are introduced, the key commands are reorganized.


The key command for "merge" is no longer assigned in the initialized set, and it is Control-= in the U.S. preset.

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