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Reverb in Channel Strip versus on a Bus?


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I've just discovered this site -- what a great resource!


A novice question:


I've been experimenting with different channel strip on things like piano and vocals, and I've noticed that many of them include a reverb at the end of the signal chain.


Since I've usually been using reverb on a bus, I deselect the reverb on the effect and dial it in through the Bus sends.


Here's the question: At what point on the bus dial would the Bus reverb level be equal to the level to just running it on the channel strip?


100% wet?


Somewhere in between?


Any help is appreciated.



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That would totaly depend on how much reverb was a part of the original channel strip. Some channel strips might be drenched in 'verb. Others might have just a bit. Really, this is a "use your ears" situation..... just dial in how much you like!


And in any event, your final mix is going to determine how much of that reverb you want on the part anyway, whether it was directly on the track or via the send.

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