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My new Film Music Magazine column is up.

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Really well written and informative article...


A 'must read' for anyone thinking about taking the plunge with VE Pro....


Well done..


One thing I would like to add.. from my own experiences.. is that you can find/pick up crazily cheap PC if you dig around in yard sales etc.. that are quite reasonable systems that people have 'dumped' because they got swamped in Viruses etc and couldn't work out/didn't want to bother wiping clean and starting again from scratch. That or they bought an iPad and found no further use for their PCs!


Seriously though... I picked up two pretty well spec'd PCs for $100 the pair at a local sale.. and there were several others there too that i passed on so it's always worthwhile thinking about going along that route too if money is tight plus of course, VE Pro is also a great way of utilizing slightly older Macs that you may have upgraded from....

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Great article Jay.


How did the new system perform on your most recent project?




It hasn’t started yet but I can already see it will make a big difference as I am able to use so much more of Hollywood Strings and Hollywood Brass.


Ski was over here the other day checking it out and I think it is fair to say he was somewhat blown away, correct Ski?

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