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No effects/plugins on track aux??


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I have the output of a software instrument going into a bus track..

that bus track has no output

I have an audio track that receives that bus 10 audio and which i monitor from

When putting plugin effects (echo) on the bus/aux track and recording, the effect is not audible in the resulting arrange file...

I can see the volume meter responding to the echo/delay but no delay in the actual recording.

below are pictures of signal flow



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From what i can see in the pictures, your trying to get your sylenth1 channel sent into your bus right?...... you have to send the sound on a bus first. Your Sylenth1 channel has a send option you can see, click on it and send it on the bus you want, use your auxillary channel for FX and usually set the sylenth channel to no output. I think this is a basic bus understanding problem, read the manual


am i way off or ?

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