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gated synth

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HI all,


I'm new to logic and would like to know how to do this

type of gated synth in logic.


I used to produce on fl studio, with my old pc, before I took time out to attend university/college and having a baby at the same time, I bet you can understand how being a full-time student and mother, has neglected my love of music making and seems like I am starting from scratch now.


I want to get used to the basics of logic and start creating some really creative and exciting music.

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I don't think that's gated, guys. It sounds more like it's just played, but the attack time of the synth is being modulated. By velocity, maybe.


Welcome music_crazy!


OK, I'll be honest, I didn't really listen to it--just quick and went by OP comment. I hate that kind of music. :D

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