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zero crossings behavior when manually editing in arrange?


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Question for you Logic Gurus about zero crossing behavior in Logic. I have recently become concerned (possibly unnecessarily so!) about phase issues when manually editing drum takes in the arrange window. The manual states that logic moves the start and end point if zero crossings is enabled.


I always group my drums (I am on Logic 8 "phase locked" audio is not an option.)


For my workflow if I need to move a small section of a drum take (multiple mics) I manually cut at the start point I want to move by placing the playhead and using key command for "split at playhead".


if zero crossing is turned on, I assume logic always cuts there and then chooses the out point of the previous regions based on the "Zero crossings" algorithm. I notice the end of the prior regions adjust a bit but it appears my in edit point is accurate. As long as Logic does not mess with my IN edit - I feel confident things aren't being slid around. Is that the way zero crossing works when you select "split region at playhead"?


searched forum and could not find a clear answer to this.



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