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instruments suddenly mute


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hello all,


instruments suddenly mute in my logic project.


i tried exs24, ES E and other logic instruments - sometimes they play and sometimes they just mute out of nowhere.

without mute buttons turning blue or showing an m.


i already tried to increase the buffer size and there are only 5 tracks used in my project at the moment.


sometimes i can restart the sound of an instrument by choosing new sounds in the instruments setting, but then again the sound disappears after short time.


in the case of an reaktor/razor instrument, i can see the sound playing at the instruments display, but no level at the track metre.


i'm using logic 9 on a macbookpro running osx 10.6.8


anybody an idea?

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You wouldn't happen to have done an 'undo' just prior to this occurring, if you can recall?


If so.... updating to 9.1.5 should resolve this..


Logic 9.1.5. Release Notes




Fixes an issue in which performing undo after recording a MIDI take sometimes caused the MIDI track to stop sounding.

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@ n6smith, i wish this could be it, but i haven't done an undo prior to this problem and i'm already running logic 9.1.5...


@ cobalt, i'm sorry for you, but kind of glad i'm not alone in this...


strangely today logic runs my exs and reaktor instruments without problems (so far) but the es e instrument always turns extremely silent (still audible at high master volume) when running together with the other tracks - it does play at normal volume in solo-mode.


another strange thing happened when i grapped the regions of the es e instrument in the piano window and moved them to another key:


at first the instrument turned silent, then played normal again after i stopped and pushed play again.


what could this possibly be?

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i think i found the solution:


i plugged out the connection between macbook/motu and my oxygen 8 keyboard.

- no more silencing instruments (YET!)


this leaves me without akeyboard but seems to stop all the crazy instruments behaviour.


the oxygen 8 always seemed problematic, as it constantly transmitted midi-informations to the interface - i.e. pitchbend information while recording, even when the wheel was not touched.


i hope this really is the solution and i don't have to get back to this topic again...


thanks for your posts.

cheers, davrus

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