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EXS24- New samples not playing


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ok, im new here, still learning logic.


I am trying to take drum samples, that i made from a song (snare, bass drum, HH, ECT..) and assign them to my trigger finger.


the thing is, i know how to get a free drum kit off the net i.e. TR66 kit, and i can load that up via create new instrument thru the esx24. and it works fine.


here's the problem:

i have 16 custom drum sounds, i saved them as aif and wav.

through the esx24, i hit the edit button and i load the samples i created, and i assign each one to the pad i want to.


but when i press the actual pad on the trigger finger, or on the edit screen (piano keyboard) it doesnt play.


but i can preview the sample all i want to in the logic library bin.



i have searched the hell out of the internet to see if anyone else had this problem, and it's ruining my life, for real.


anyone that can give me ANY sort of advice would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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have the same problem!

when I load new zones and assign samples, I can't play it on my keyboard neither pressing keys in the "edit window" of exs24.


It works only when I save the sample instrument and copy it into the system folder of exs24 wich name is sample instruments.

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