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Magic Trackpad/Mouse interference


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Anyone else experiencing noise/interference jitter when using said mouse, or trackpad in Logic? I'm noticing this when Logic is in play or record mode, and I two finger drag to navigate around my projects.


I've had several occasions when my mouse was jittery. I have two iMacs 4 feet from each other and one never had the problem but the other has the problem occasionally. The keyboard will disconnect randomly as well.


I have not found what causes this issue. And it doesn't just happen with Logic open on my machine it will happen with any app or no apps open.


Is there a remedy to this other than getting a wired mouse?


My solution is to shut off my mouse for a moment and turn it back on. This corrects the problem temporarily but it usually reoccurs until a day or two has passed and then no problems until the next occasion that it occurs.

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