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Impulse responses ready for Space Designer

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Please visit my site with reverb impulses - http://ir.j-music.info. Ready files *.SDIR with *.PST.


You'll find there:

Eventide Eclipse

Eventide H3000

Lexicon 480L

Lexicon M200

Lexicon M300

Lexicon MPX1

Lexicon PCM 70

TC M3000

TC M5000

TC M6000



Lexicon MPX 500

Lexicon PCM 60

Lexicon PCM 81

Lexicon PCM 90

Lexicon PCM 91

...and more :-)

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Thanks for these - some great reverbs.


Question re location I should put these. With all previously downloaded IR files, I saved them in

HD/library/application support/logic/impulse responses


These ones are only working if I save them in

Hd/library/audio/impulse responses


Why would this be the case? I assume it is the way the pst file was saved pointing to a particular location?


Thanks for any help

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Sharing is cool :D


Lots of these sound very nice, I did find that one IR I tested distorted with a loud rimshot sample, but I can't remember which one, sorry. If I find it again I'll let you know.


Could it have been this one: Lexicon 480L > Ambience > 3 (452)


The level seems much higher on this one compared to the others.

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Hello everybody!

I JUST registered and I came across this Lexicon setup - WOW!!!

Kamil, thanks so much for your generosity!

The site looks to be a giant blessing for a newbie LogicPro user. I just got the software a week ago, and it looks like this site will be a great resource.


Now, my questions: I've tried a couple locations, and I'm not seeing it in Space Designer - Here's where I currently have it:

Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/Apple/Lexicon480L


I also tried it here:

Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/Lexicon480L


I've opened up LogicPro fresh both times. Am I screwing something up? Once I get it right, how will it appear in Space Designer?

(I've probably already worn out my welcome)


Thanks in advance,



UPDATE: I just figured out that the folders are not an either/or scenario like VST/AU. I put the PST folder in the proper place, and all appears good. MAN, I WASN'T KIDDING ABOUT NEWBIE.

I was into digital recording in the EARLY days - the New England Digital Synclavier and Direct-to-Disk, long before ProTools. Just getting back into digital recording engineering.


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I was just disappointed to Space Designers small room presets last night, i hope these ones set me up :). Thanks!.


EDIT: Weird, for me it will ask for the missing SDIR -files. I have Bricasti impulses in same directory which gives me no problems at all. Any tips? :).


My preset files here : /Users/myusername/Library/Application Support/Logic/


My SDIR files here: Library/Application Support/Logic/Impulse Responses

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