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Selling Logic Express 9


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Just sold my copy of Logic Express 9 via eBay. What are the procedures are as far as uninstalling from my iMac and transferring license to the buyer? How do I wipe out my projects and/or restore Logic to it's "out of the box" state? I would like to do this the legit way and also be assured my buyer will have a smooth transition. Thanks!
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Just to clarify...


1) You send the buyer your LE Disks


2) You send the buyer your LE Serial Number


3) You can if you wish, delete LE from your system (See triplet's post for further info)


4) That's it.


If you should run LE using the same serial you sent to your buyer at the same time as he/she is running LE.. one of you should get an error letting you know another copy is already in use... or words to that effect.

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