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System Memory message


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I am using logic 9 in 64 bit and I had a message pop up when loading an instrument that said


"While loading, free system memory reached low levels. This may result in decreased sample streaming......"


I thought that was not possible in 64 bit. I am running a lot of east west samples. I figure that is the problem. Is there anything I can do to help this problem?



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..or try using iFreemem..


Great little app that frees up otherwise tied up Ram on the fly so to speak... Some programs forget to release Ram correctly leaving some of it appearing to the OS as it is still used even though it isn't.


Certain AU plugins, when you are scrolling through 'presets', forget to properly unload all the samples from the previous 'preset' so in the end all your Ram gets eaten up.. Play is one of those plugins who's memory handling could be better!


Anyhow, I highly recommend iFreemem... I use it often while I am running Logic and certain plugins like Play and Omnisphere for example..... and it always grabs back memory when things get 'tight'...



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