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audio and graphics/playhead not in sync


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hi guys and good evening,


i'm having a problem on a song i'm working on. the project got pretty" big" but i think my mac pro should be able to handle it. (as it usually does).


i'm using a whole bunch of plugins and instruments (logics internal stuff, addictive drums & mainly komplete7) and everything was working fine until...

yesterday i recorded a buttload of vocals and since then the audio is not in sync with the playhead anymore. i don't know how to describe the problem any better. it's like the audio is being played "ahead" of the graphics/playhead.

it's impossible to select and edit the vocal tracks.


recording works fine in low latency mode.


i've tried increasing and lowering buffersize, hiding tracks that i was done editing etc.

throwing out plugins and instruments makes the song work a little better, but i need all that stuff to be in there and i usually don't have the time for all that bouncing, deleting and replacing.


my setup is: macpro 2x 2.8 quad core, leopard (so it's in 32-bit mode - just ordered an upgrade to snow leopard for 64bit), 8 gb ram, logic 9.

i use the follwing plugins in this song (as mentioned above): "many" logic plugins and instruments, adddictive drums and komplete7.


anyone else have that problem?


thanks in advance for any help :)

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honestly, this sounds like a typical case of overload...

might be the plugin delay compensation (pdc) if its not that, but I bet it is that.


if it comes to fx try to bundle them on aux channels, so that you save instances.


Search this forum for CPU saving or performance tuning to find out more.


Updating to 64 bit is a whise idea, since 4 of the 8 GB RAM in your system are mostly wasted right now.


Hope this helps.

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