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Wireless headphones

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Over the past year or so I've been using a Line 6 G30 wireless guitar system and, to my surprise, it's been a revelation in the studio as well as live. I absolutely love being able to move about the room to all my gear without getting tangled up in cables. To me, it sounds 100% the same as using my guitar with a cable.


In my living room, I use Sennheiser RS170 headphones for watching TV at night without disturbing my Fiancée or the neighbours. They sound fantastic so it got me thinking about how great it would be to go completely wireless in the studio for late night tracking sessions.


The problem is, the RS170s have way too much latency to work with. So I'm looking for an alternative with no latency so I can track at night and be able to move freely between my guitar, keyboard and electronic drum kit.


I'm really not too worried about accuracy as I'm just interested in going wireless for writing - I prefer to use my KRK monitors for mixing anyway. I don't mind hyped, bassy headphones as I get a bit more inspiration from a full sound but it would be nice to have something that doesn't suffer from interference. I'm not sure about different digital wireless headphone technology, but it seems to me, if it's possible to have a flawless wireless guitar signal in the G30, a similar technology must exist for headphones.


Thanks for any advice - Cheers!!

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Some people swear by these.....




But.. although it is claimed they have 'virtually' no latency.. I have not personally tried myself to see just how 'virtually' none, they actually mean!


Just as an aside... "virtually' is one of those 'ad' phrases that means nothing... that they use what they want to get across a 'fact' that isn't one... so they can say 'virtually' this or that when in fact it isn't at all....


However, as I said, I have heard people praise these ones so.. might be worth a look at, at the very least.. $200 though...

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