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help choosing mixing board & foot switch?

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I am not a musician, so please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology. My husband is a musician, and he has built a small home recording studio, using Logic Pro 8.


He has mentioned that he misses the tactile feeling of a real mixing board. Is there some type of plug-in available that feels/looks like a mixing board, that controls the Logic Pro Mixer (in other words, bypasses using the mouse to control the Logic Pro mixer)?


the other thing he has mentioend is that he would like some kind of foot switch if it exists that would stop and start the recording. He does not like using the mouse for this since he is playing guitar and doesn't have his hands free.


I am trying to pull this off for christmas. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am such a novice.

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What you're describing is a Controller; there are a few different ones on the market ranging from the relatively inexpensive to the "money's no object, incredibly expensive" type. You can google - "logic controller" and “BCF2000" for a start. This may throw up some options and let you get a feel for prices - you don't say where you're based.


Most controllers will allow you to connect a standard footswitch although I've often used the Apple remote control to initiate recording from a distance - just set a sufficient countdown e.g. 2bars instead of 1.


You are obviously very considerate and would like to surprise your husband, however, you might want to check with him as he may have a specific controller in mind. Perhaps he doesn’t require a bank of faders and a single or dual fader controller will suit him better. My wife would never buy me anything music related as a surprise because she is not knowledgeable on the subject.

Best of luck in your search,



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Thank you for your response, this gives me a great place to start my research. He is not so good at internet research, no patience for it.


I am based in Boston, so there ought to be easy to source if not online then in a shop.


You are right -- I wouldn't surprise him with something music-related. I learned that the hard way many years ago! But I would do all the research and then present him with options.


Thanks again for the quick reply.

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I've gone ahead and purchased the Behringer, but now I am having trouble figuring out the footswitch... he wants something that will stop and start the recording so he can keep his hands on his instrument instead of having to touch the mouse.


I tried to get help from Behringer, but I can not seem to get into their support system, some kind of incompatibility with my web browser? It won't let me register for support.


I was looking at the Logidy; those folks are nice. They said they thought any simiple foot switch would work (that theirs was too much foot switch more than what he would need). They sent me links to keyboard sustain footswitches and the like. How would those control stop and start of recording?


Any additional help would be most appreciated.


that looks great! Exactly what I am looking for.


Have to still figure out the foot switch part...


Thank you so much for putting me on the right path.

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