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Weird interface issues


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So a friend has borrowed my Duet, which means that I'm using an old, slightly damaged (headphone out is shot) Presonus Inspire 1394. And as of last night, some weird stuff started happening.


1. My computer's regular volume control seems to be controlling the input gain. I had the speakers up, and the guitar was clipping like crazy no matter how low I set it in the interface control or with Logic's track fader. I turned down my speaker volume, and voila! Input level adjusted accordingly. Weird, right?


2. After recording everything (with playback acting completely normal), I set a few pans. After doing this, whenever I played back the project, a transparent neon green color started to shade in/cover up the regions as the vertical line passed over them. The green color didn't disappear upon stopping playback, and if I played the section again, it became more saturated, almost like adding another layer of paint. In fact that's a perfect analogy. The playback line was acting like a paint roller.


3. When I'd press "L" to loop a region, the whole screen would flash white (like I was resetting the display in the Finder/settings window) and nothing would happen. I was definitely in the right window and all of that good stuff while this was happening.


None of this happened with the Duet. Anyone experience similar problems?

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The problems continued last night, when playback kept stopping randomly or massively overloading (both in CPU and gain). I also occasionally got an error message that the sample rates between Logic and the external device weren't synced, but the 1394's control panel doesn't have any options for this.


Because I wasn't using any inputs (just mixing), I switched to an ESI Gigaport I had in my closet, and all of the problems stopped immediately.


This is crazy. Anyone heard of anything like this, or is there just a bent wire/burned out circuit/etc. in the 1394?

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